Kids Market

Kids' Market

Children are the future! We want to encourage our kids to forge their own way in this world – to develop their critical thinking, communication, and  entrepreneurial skills. Our fortnightly kid’s market can help with at least the last one – bring your little future business owner along to set up their wares in our special kid’s section.

May 2022 Kids market dates are 15th May and 29th May. 

Gold coin donation for each stall goes to the bird park. The kids market is for stalls that are run by the children,

Our expectation is that the child must have the majority of the input into making, crafting, growing whatever is being sold. They should also be 'manning' the stall the majority of the time.

Please bring your own, table or picnic blanket, small gazebo or umbrella (optional) and remember some change for your float. Spaces are limited so arrive early if you must have a gazebo. Set up time is from 8am. There is no booking, but we will fit you in where we can.